Secret Garden

POSTED ON 25 May 2013

The children call this the Secret Garden Door.  It leads out of the walled garden opposite the Gardeners Cottage.  The weeds had grown up all around it making it even more mysterious.  The garden dates back to the early 18th Century when it was the kitchen garden to the original Grangemuir house which unfortunately burnt down.

We have loads of fruit trees, a vine drooping with grapes and lots of berries. Jam and chutney making will happen in earnest at the end of the summer.  Jars and lids being ordered as we speak. 

Getting the Boats Ready

POSTED ON 11 May 2013

Getting the boats ready in Pittenweem harbour happens in one day once a year as they hire in a big crane.  It was late this year as the weather was so bad.  If you miss it you are stuck or else it's very expensive! 

The bad weather made it very hard for the fishermen of the village to make any money so there were various fundraising events for them earlier in the year.  It was a real sign of a community pulling together.

Pittenweem is the last harbour in the East Neuk that lands fish.  There are a plethora of fish vans scooting around the village.  The fishmonger who has a shop in the village is called Charlie and he comes to Madeira every Wednesday to sell fish.  Its extremely fresh and we all love it.

Guests have recently commented that fish vans from Pittenweem go to the west coast villages near Glasgow to sell.  The Conners actually said they had planned to come on Tuesday but as they'd miss their van they turned up on Thursday insteed.  Its apparently a real tradition and folk look forward to catching up with their particular fish guy.

Coin Meters

POSTED ON 1 Apr 2013

This is one of the coin meters we took out of each cottage when we did the refurbishments.  They take £1 coins and people would bring bags of coins when coming to stay.  Jamie and I forgot to tell the first several guests we no longer had the meters and they all brought coins with them!

It's so lovely having returning guests who know their way around Madeira and have such fond memories.  They also often remember other guests well as friendships have been formed over the years.